Del Bello
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passion FIRST OF ALL

14th October 1950. Gino Del Bello


Ambition and passion have been passed down from generation to generation.


Starting from nothing has not prevented Danilo Del Bello from trying to implement wishes and ideas, because true wealth is in the mind.

In the 60s and 70s Danilo Del Bello, just twenty years old, worked for an important textile company, where he acquire technical and chemical knowledge about their production process.

At the age of 24, motivated by the continuous search for the best and innovative proposal to offer to clients, he decided to start his own business, adding the furnishings production to the textile one.

The constant dialogue with the customer, the will to offer something exclusive that the market didn’t offer, lead him to improve his knowledge about the materials and their use.


The inclusion of his own and innovative products in his interior design projects, allowed him to propose to clients new and original solutions differing from any previous works.

In the late 80s Danilo Del Bello expanded his production to the hotel sector, with the intention of proposing revolutionary materials and the innovative use of existing ones, to respond to the continually evolving market demand. This experience represented a new challenge, to make him expand to even more new ideas.



The constant theme through the years has been the will to stand out from what everyone else is doing, to search for something that does not already exist on the market.


Luca Del Bello, the son, joined the company in 1997, but like any artisan family tradition, since Luca Del Bello was young, he has breathed, observed and experienced his father's work, following him in various work environments.

Sharing his father’s passion for motorbike racing since he was three years old, Luca has always been close to his father in their private, professional and sporting lives, supported by the important presence of his mother Laura.

Thanks to this sharing, Luca Del Bello has understood since he was a child the various facets of the work, immediately showing a sense of responsibility towards their company.

He learned through the manufacturing work the characteristics of their products,

combining this knowledge with that received from technical study.


The desire to create something of their own emerges in the different personal and professional qualities of father and son, that integrate with each other, bringing the company to an efficient organization.

Being on the front lines all the time, to monitor all the processing stages of their own products, has improved their skills and knowledge necessary to be able to create in 2012 a new compound, unique and innovative, from which

the "Del Bello Collection" has developed.



The Del Bello Collection is the evolution of continued research for design and finishes which have strength and beauty in equal proportion.


The Del Bello Collection’s main target is that the client can appreciate the sophistication of the product and, at the same time, he can make use of it completely.

The professional growth of Del Bello Company is attributable to the essential presence of Danilo Del Bello’s wife Laura and to the passion transmitted from generation to generation, which allows continual improvement as well as the addition of new elements.